Original iPod


I just unplugged my original iPod from the HK dock for the first time in about a year.

I think I have 4 iPods of various kinds scattered around the house … a Nano, a 20 gig 2nd generation (that’s the one that’s hooked up to my HK stereo), a 40 gig Video, and of course my iPhone. But I haven’t picked up this sucker in a long time … and when I did … wow.

The unbelievable thing is that when I bought it, perhaps 5 years ago, it was the most amazing slim incredible sleek purrrfect machine. Now, it’s still cool and iconic and recognizable … but it’s FAT!

Funny thing is, it just keeps on ticking.

The battery is basically toast, but that doesn’t matter because it’s always hooked up to my stereo, which is charging it. The screen is fine (although tiny and dark compared to new iPods). The processor must be OK … it keeps on ticking, and I just now played a quick game of Parachute.

I just can’t believe how small and thin and sleek I thought it was … and how fat and heavy and blocky I now think it is.

That’s progress, I guess …