OK, I am “The Apprentice”

As recently mentioned, I’m doing some work for TheLinguist, the best (OK, I’m biased) place to learn English as a second language on the internet.

I watch The Apprentice and really enjoy it. Although of course Trump does get annoying from time to time … especially when at the beginning of this season every time he showed up on camera there was a massively cheesy royal-like musical intro bit. And I don’t think there’s an episode in which Trump has not managed to work the word “billion” in – he pronounces it “bi-yion.”

But I think I learn a lot from seeing how people interact, how they lead, how they follow, when they give up, how they persevere, and the ideas that they come up with in their impossible, 1-2 day business tasks. Some of the things I’ve learned are: ask the clients what they want, stupid. And, don’t be content with the most obvious means of marketing.

I’m trying to apply that now to my role with The Linguist. The learning methodology, and the technology Steve Kaufmann and Mark Kaufmann have built are unique in the field of language learning, and extremely effective.

The challenge is marketing a great solution from a tiny company to a huge world.

Stay posted for more …