Great Florida Mini Wiggly Transect

A few months ago I was in Florida for a conference.

One day (a Sunday) I didn’t have much to do, so I got in the car, and decided to drive all day, arriving back at my hotel in the evening, without looking at a map once.

I wanted to take a picture every five minutes or so while driving – right out the window of the car, or out the front windshield, or however I could.

I called it a transect, which is what scientists, usually biologists, do when they want to get a sense for what flora and fauna lives in a certain geographical region. But transects are usually straight – mine was wiggly. And they’re usually long – mine was mini. But since it was mine, it was great …

If you are brave of heart (it is 8 megs), click on the picture below, which will open a QuickTime movie of my trip:

great florida mini wiggly transect

Oh and, by the way, I didn’t look at a map.

I could have hinted the movie for quick streaming, which would have made it start quicker in your browser. Unfortunately that would have made the file twice as big (paradoxical but true) and degraded the quality of the pictures. So in the interests of my bandwidth, and your viewing pleasure, I left it as iPhoto exported it.