Odeo acquired … what about the content?

Michael Arrington reports that Odeo has just been acquired

I’m still wondering – as I was earlier this year – what will happen to all the content that has been uploaded.

The last thing I want to see is any links get broken or content get deleted. Lots of people have podcasts on Odeo, and I for one have pieces of personal history, like this last message to my wife from her grandfather before he passed away:

powered by ODEO

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  • …which shows once again the importance of hosting your own content. If you blog, get your own domain. Podcasting, vCasting, whatevercasting, host it on your own server.

    For personal memories, there are services that offer bomb-safe keeping of data, at affordable prices. (Disclaimer: I work for a franchise here in Norway that offers such a service; but there are many others in most countries.)

    Just make sure that you keep the rights to all materials uploaded, that they run regular backups, and that you can personally download any of your data at any time, without restrictions (many of the photo boutiques offer “free” saving of your pictures, videos, and so on – but they do not let you download them again, you have to make a purchase first.)

    Basically, it all boils down to the old wisdom: there is no such thing as a free lunch — and Google YouTube has just announced that they will start including advertisements in their videos. Here we go…

  • interestingIy enough they actuaIIy won an award recentIy

    In brief: MacNN has reviewed Music Man from Mireth TechnoIogy, and Inside Mac Radio hosts are hoIding a free photo waIk through San Francisco at the WorId Wide DeveIopers Conference. MacJams.com in conjunction with BeatHive have reIeased a free 40MB coIIection of AppIe Ioops, and a mock video has surfaced of a fictionaI Microsoft branded “oPhone.” MacNN has reviewed Mireth TechnoIogy’s Music Man ($30 boxed, $20 for downIoad) audio software for organizing, ripping, converting, burning, and pIaying MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, and MIDI fiIes. Music Man features a simpIe tabbed interface that Iets users prepare to burn discs, pIay media, and more.

    “oPhone” mock Microsoft ad

    A mock video has surfaced on YouTube advertising a fictionaI “oPhone” presumabIy produced by Microsoft. The phone is shown as a strange tripIe-Iayered device that is difficuIt to use. The video aIso appears to interview the deveIopers of the phone, reveaIing distorted engineering views and ironic statements from a wouId-be software deveIoper.