Not quite live-blogging @ WordCamp Whistler

I’m currently (10:35 Saturday January 24th) at WordCamp Whistler and the whole room is tapping on keyboard while listing to speakers.

This is not a live-blog of WordCamp Whistler, but it is a little memo-pad of things I’m learning hearing.

  • Title tags
    Use title tags in all links for SEO purposes … I don’t do this, and haven’t in this post either. It seems like a lot of overhead for no real (personal) benefit. If you feel differently, pls let me know!

  • CoLT
    CoLT Firefox extension – copies a link as HTML … so all the text and the URL is copied at once.

  • WPtouch
    WPtouch is a cool way to make your WordPress blog run faster on mobile devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and Android phones. Very cool – trying it now.

  • The Streisand Effect
    The more you try to take things off the web, the more copies of it are spread around.

  • FAlbum
    FAlbum is a WordPress plugin to pull all your Flickr photos into your blog.

I had to cut this post short … I got very sick partly through the day and had to leave WCW09 just after noon. That was a real disappointment, as I had been enjoying the day immensely, but hey … what can you do?

I had to drive home from Whistler (3 hours) and stopped twice for not-quite-rest breaks. Not fun at all!

BTW, here’s a list of people that I’m meeting at Whistler.