Not high school, Seth (Godin)

I love Seth, but will someone please inform him that the internet is not high school?

I mean, would it kill you to use a last name:

Robert’s new book is worth a look if you design just about anything for just about anyone.

Unless he’s a supermodel or Spanish painter, in which case one name would suffice.

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  • i’m guessing your tongue was planted firmly in your cheek when you chose to use just Seth Godin’s first name in getting a dig in on him for using just Robert’s first name. I will agree that the whole blogging insidery, first-name thing is feeling a bit too gaggy, high-school cute. although the alternative is not that appealing so not sure how quickly i want everyone to grow up.

  • Hi John – to be honest, I would imagine Seth didn’t use a last name so that you had to click the link to see who the book was authored by (which is an Amazon affiliate link). That way you couldn’t just run the Barnes and Noble and pick it up. Nothing wrong with that..