Nintendo Wii: best and worst things

After weeks of pain, agony, and fruitless searches, I finally managed to buy a Wii.

Three weeks ago, actually – I didn’t want to post about it until I had some time to evaluate it – and it’s been great. Although I’ve bought another game (Excite Truck) I’m the only one playing it much so far … the kids (and friends/guests) are all playing the sports games.

The best things about the Wii:

  1. It’s social … we play together as a family
  2. It’s physical … we get at least some exercise doing it (and boxing is very strenuous)
  3. It’s fun …
  4. It’s an ice-breaker: friends we have over always enjoy some of the games, and the Wii is still enough of a novelty and hard enough to get that no-one we know has one
  5. It’s very easy to set up … probably the easiest piece of electronics I’ve added since my upconverting DVD player
  6. It looks great … fits right into our entertainment center
  7. It takes up very little space
  8. It wasn’t very expensive

The worst things about the Wii:

  1. Sometimes, the remotes get confused and don’t phone home, so I have to reset the system
  2. My 7-year-old son beats me at bowling

In other words, there are lots of good things and very few bad things. Love it, would buy it again.

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