New Spa Per: let’s start a meme

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Are you tired of pros, like the New York Times, writing “Web log” when the correct word is weblog or blog?

Both are in common usage, they’re even in the OED, so why does the Times persist in knowing better?

How would they feel if we wrote about their product as a New Spa Per? Nahhh, that would be immature.

Maybe they could accept blogging for what it is, and stop messing with the name.

That’s from Dave Winer’s Scripting News, and it is bang on.

(Being in the education industry, I read eSchool News, and it always makes me kind of pause – interrupt myself – when I come across “Website” (spelled like that, with a capital W) in their print edition. Their online edition seems smarter …)

But I wonder. Could we start a New Spa Per meme?

Could we all write blog posts about it, and tag them New Spa Per and NYtimes, and see what happens? Maybe, just maybe, the NY Times would wake up, and change. Could it happen?

Let’s give it a shot!

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