Is this why Israel is attacking Lebanon?

There’s an important story on the Huffington Post about a Ted Koppel article in the NY Times:

Koppel goes on to note that “over the past couple of months alone, he told me, Hamas has received more than $300 million in cash, provided by Iran and funneled through Syria” and “the more than 12,000 missiles and rockets…in Hezbollah’s arsenal were largely provided by Iran.” Here’s the important passage:

. . .

Are the Israelis over-reacting in Lebanon? Perhaps they simply perceive their enemies’ intentions with greater clarity than most. It is not the Lebanese who make the Israelis nervous, nor even Hezbollah. It is the puppet-masters in Tehran capitalizing on every opportunity that democratic reform presents. In the Palestinian territories, in Lebanon, in Egypt, should President Hosni Mubarak be so incautious as to hold a free election, it is the Islamists who benefit the most.

. . .

Well. That would explain a few things for those of us who have been wondering why Israel has been “over-reacting.”