New report: beating the bear and defeating the recession

recession report

Boom times sure are more fun than when things are going bust. But the reality is we have to face that it’s tougher now on many people, thanks to inflation, recessionary trends, layoffs, and ongoing supply chain disruptions.

What can mobile marketers do to keep growing (hopefully!) even in an economic downturn, and even when available ad spend might be less My client Singular just released a report that I wrote about exactly that: beating the bear. In it, I take advice from mobile experts to share 21 genius ways to defeat the recession and keep positive momentum, in spite of challenges.

I divided those challenges into 7 rather arbitrary categories:

  1. Challenge 1: Shrinking budgets
  2. Challenge 2: Plummeting monetization
  3. Challenge 3: Slumping marketing efficiency
  4. Challenge 4: Stagnating channels
  5. Challenge 5: Sagging conversion rates
  6. Challenge 6: Fading retention
  7. Challenge 7: Plunging virality

The report is now available and includes insights from executives at major mobile companies such as Hello Fresh, Flo, FlipaClip, Pixel United, Qiiwi Games, Scopely, and Rovio.

Check out the announcement blog post here, and get the actual recession report here.