Report: media mix modeling for mobile marketers

media mix modeling

I just recently published a report for my client Singular on media mix modeling, which is super-hot right now in mobile marketing thanks to one major factor: privacy.

Privacy regulations and especially technology changes have rendered tracking-based marketing measurement less effective, whether it uses the IDFA on iOS or the GAID on Android, the cookie on web, or other identifiers. Media mix modeling, however, is privacy-safe and does not rely on any tracking technology whatsoever.

From the announcement:

Media mix modeling or marketing mix modeling is a sea change in the once-cozy world  of mobile attribution. Arising from the ashes of device identifier-centric marketing measurement, MMM takes the opposite approach. Rather than track the digital footsteps of people seeing and clicking on ads, MMM looks at top-of-funnel marketing inputs and the bottom-of-funnel conversions, and attempts to draw causal connections between the two.

It’s the hot new thing in mobile marketing: 75% of mobile marketers are either doing MMM, thinking about doing MMM, or actively preparing to do MMM right now, according to the (admittedly somewhat biased) attendees of our recent MMM webinar.

It’s freely available.

Get the full report here …