New Media Round Table

Kevin Grandia is hosting a new media round table in Vancouver today ….

I’m taking few notes here …


  • Kevin Grandia – DeSmogBlog
  • Jesse – CBC Technology Columnist
  • Raul Pacheco
  • Kris Krug – Raincity Studios
  • Stephen Hui
  • Richard Littlemore
  • Evan Lisen – Catalyst Network
  • Gillian Shaw – Vancouver Sun
  • Karen – Hoggan & Associates
  • Lisa Johnson – CBC News, Vancouver
  • Nikolay –

Questions that are coming up:

  • Can social media do certain kinds of stories – like gang violence in Vancouver, like trials, etc. etc.?
  • Do traditional media have more protection when investigating things like gangs?
  • Do traditional media have more access to documents? FOI requests?
  • Are new media more vulnerable to faux legal attacks? DMCA, for instance. (I’ve been shut down, btw, as has Kris Krug.
  • How do people generate credibility online? The network self-corrects …


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