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  • Hi John,

    I found your blog through Don Thorson. I am a data backup fanatic and recently did a fairly exhaustive search of backup solutions for Mac. (I polled just about every Mac expert I know and sifted through the advice and product recommendations.) In the end, I settled on SuperDuper! (get past the name) and a WiebeTech drive enclosure. Advantages of the combination include fully bootable clones of my hard drives maintained nightly and the ability to use any internal hard drive on the market (read: cheap, fast, upgradeable storage) within the WiebeTech enclosure at FW800 speeds. I have used the system for several months now and couldn’t be happier. Great stuff.


  • THANK YOU!!!

    I had seen the SuperDuper! software about a week ago, but couldn’t conjure it up from the depths of Google again … and so had kind of settled on the Deja Vu solution.