My Music Inc.: is this service legal?

I’m looking for a music service to partner with on a project, and am working with Apple’s iTunes. Hopefully it will go through, but the project is a bit of a square peg in their round hole.

In case it doesn’t, I’ll have to look for other options. Yahoo! Music is new, and they’ll probably be looking for partnering opportunities, but getting through to Yahoo! is like scaling Mt. Everest – only a few can do it and many die in the attempt.

In my searching, I came across this site: My Music Inc.. It’s a Canadian company that promises free downloads for life in most countries in the world for a one-time flat fee … and they say they have almost every song in existence:

*Your Membership is a one-time charge only and you will never be re-billed. A $34.99 membership includes a life time of unlimited downloads and email technical support. A $23.99 membership includes two years of unlimited downloads and support. $17.99 membership includes one year of unlimited downloads and support.

Is this legal?

I noticed that they are using iPod images and in fact an Apple logo on their site as well ….

my music inc apple logo

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  • Yesterday, after reading your post, I went to the My Music site. It looked OK so I thought to give it a try. When I was filling the subscription form, I wrote my e-mail but then thought that since I was only trying I’d better give them my e-mail alias. I erased my e-mail address and wrote the alias. Then I received an e-mail from My Music in my real e-mail inbox! They addressed me with my name and offered me some kind of subscription benefit. How is it possible to record my e-mail address without submitting the form? Today the insisted with another message. I don’t know if this service is legal, but their marketing is completely mistaken: they made me feel vulnerable. There is no way I am giving them my credit card…

  • Interesting … I noticed that after I gave them one of my email addresses so I could test their service that I started being spammed by a variety of companies and domains that all seem connected with My Music Inc.

    I’ve tried to unsubscribe … we’ll see what happens.

  • For all you folks out there searching for a music download site, be warned that should not be one of the choices. At first, it is a generic media download center; there is nothing suspicious of the front page to tip any buyers off on the fact that this site may be illegal. However, they are very discreet. For a site that gives you lifetime offers, one would probably have to think twice before purchasing. A great offer like that does strike suspicions, does it not? Similar to the above comment, they are able to track down your true email address, and offer no confirmation before billing you. Once you fill out the form and proceed, the bill has been delivered, and there is no turning back. This could be a tip-off on the fact that they are using your credit card for other things…
    My suspicions increased after I began visiting the site. They don’t have a music archives or anything of the sort where you can download songs from. They simply give you some links to P2P softwares such as Limewire and MP3Rocket, offering you nothing more than a link/download mirror and some advice. There is nothing on the site! And although they boast things like 150% faster speeds, and protection from ad-ware and spywares, it turns out that most of the time the software doesn’t even work, and that loading up to full connection takes longer than what would probably be the time required to download a song off some other website.
    To add to that, when I visited FAQs, I noticed one question posed: ‘All the content on this site is free…so what did I just pay for?’ The answer was something along the lines of using the money to keep the site alive and functioning for other music lovers, which obviously doesn’t make sense considering there really is nothing on the site but a few links and some patch downloads.
    These above points are pretty suspicous, and the ‘Company’ may well be some teenagers living in their garages creating a site that can steal your credit card numbers to use for other purposes.
    It probably isn’t smart to sign up for a membership, as I had the unfortunate privilege of doing so.

  • i did give my card number and im not fu_ked yet but thanks for the in fo i’ll be sure to call my card company

  • I made the mistake in early this year of signing up for this sham. I’ve spent the time with my credit card company and had them stop payment. Now I get threatening attachments from the company once a day.

    This is a sham. Stay away

  • I have been a my music customer for over 6 months. I used my credit card to join. I’ve had no fradulent charges. I have no trouble with using the software. And my connection is rated at Turbo charged. If your connection speed is bad it is more likely your computer or internet connection. Now there is not much protection from the adware, spyware and viruis’. I downloaded a file and got a very viscious adware. But that mistake taught me how to recongize which ones have that. And to always only download the zipped files so I can scan it with my anti-virius software before opening. And when I got that adware I contacted mymusicinc.’s customer support, they were promt in replying and gave me detailed instructions of how to get rid of the adware. (it was a very lengthy process). As for the orignial question about is it legal. I don’t know? I look at it like this. I paid my money.

  • How does this money end up in the hands of the artists or record labels who invested in them? It obviously doesn’t. 30 bucks for lifetime use?!? Just because you paid for it dosen’t make it right. When someone offers you something for tons less than what it’s worth, it’s usually stolen. If you get busted with possession of stolen goods, try saying to the judge “but I paid for it”. It means squat. If you want to download free music(well almost free), go ahead. Just don’t try to say it is 100% legal.

  • check out this website
    once you pay with your Credit card it gives you access to Download their software which is apperantly Limewire….. Limewire is a free download from Limewires website, and can be used 100% for free as well.
    Do not pay these crooks anything

  • I visited their site and couldn’t find a page where you could search first to see if what they offered was what I was looking for. There are very few pages on their site and none of them give you much information. They offer to let you chat with a “live agent” which it isn’t, just a computer generated persona that spits out information based on key words in your messages sent. This looks like a big scam!! Read the terms of use. It almost completely is written as protection from prosecution and never states but in vague terms what it is offering the consumer. It also states it can terminate the agreement anytime they like and with no recourse to get any money back on the customers part. There is no guarantee of service at all. If you click on one of the “awards” from publications it doesn’t take you the article but only to the page asking for you to pay for your membership.
    They boast a 5 star rating from CNET Go to that site and do a search for my music inc and the only result you get is that My Music Inc is a sponsor of the site – no review or rating at all!!!.
    They show Tucows and infer that they recommend their software but the only reviews Tucows does is on VOiP services.
    No 5 star reviews on either, just sponsored ads.
    Well, that’s all the time I want to waste spouting out on this company.

  • I’m another one who acted too soon and paid to join. This has been almost a year. I’ve to date have had no problems with my debit card. I’ve been able to download as many songs as I’ve wanted; not many, maybe 30. I will say a lot are of poorer quality. They have jumps & skips. The thing that brought me to this sight is a problem with MP3Rocket & My Music Inc You are told that you can burn the music you’ve downloaded, but there are no instructions. I have sent 2 emails asking for help or instructions. Their reply is a form email asking if I wanted to upgrade for $XX. I was also directed to a ‘lifeless’ Jenny, customer support. Yeah, Right! I even called their non-toll free number only again not able to speak to a live person. Had to leave a message. Fat chance I’ll hear from anyone. At this point I’m very angry, but have no recourse. Has anyone been able to burn to a CD the music that they downloaded? If I’m ever able to accomplish this I will surely unsubscribe to the scam company (that is, if I can even do that).

  • Are you for real spatz? You have to have some sort of media program to burn cd’s. My music inc.. provides their members with GREAT tutorials! go to:
    log in with the info you used when signing up. The very next screen, on the left side (in the blue background panel), it list Downloading, Playing and BURNING. Under burning it says: Audio cd’s, mp3 cd’s, movies on dvd, movies on cd, etc… CLICK THE AUDIO CD’S and whala. Step by step instructions for burning a cd using windows media player, Itunes4, Musicmatch Jukebox, or nero. I would imagine you never received an email reply because they can’t waste their time holding someones hand and walking them to the correct page, like I just did for you. OPEN YOUR EYES and put forth some effort you never know what you might have discovered on your own.

  • My Music Inc is only a P2P software that will
    connect to large network of users. You can
    download everthing from the other users PC
    or files if they share them to the other

    You can download everything if the files don’t
    have any copyright issue. It depends upon the
    users what files to share, they can share no
    copyright or copyrighted materials.

    In essence, you can download everything they
    share like what Kazaa and Napster did.

  • my music inc is completely legal,how did i find out that info,easily checked on the federal website.and as far as credit cards are concerned i have been a member over 2 years now never once have i had any issues.the movies are top quality,same goes with the music.and there are no copyrighted materials there,no more then rhapsody or napster or any other.noone has a better music selection then mymusic inc.i paid 29.95 and i get all the movies and music i want.well anyway get it its good.


  • I think that it is pretty clear we are dealing with a fraud here. ‘joe’ and ‘mary’ I would suggest would be beneficiaries to the company in some way shape or form.

  • this site is a total rip off i paid $50.00 for music dvd downloads and nothing if i could get my money back. just to let everyone else know DO NOT PAY FOR MYMUSICINC its a rip off

  • I joined MyMusic over two years ago after seeing a recommendation at a trusted site. I don’t remember the site now but it was enough for me to check it out. I used a credit card without incident. I have been using the service and have never had any trouble figuring it out and have never downloaded anything suspicious or malicious. But I do have good security on my system and I am careful to only download things that have been downloaded many times with good reviews. I have recommended this to friends before and never heard any complaints from them either.

  • This method is more suitable than splitting and burning on several discs. Nowadays, most new CD/DVD writers support this feature.