Mr. Cranky Reviews the iMac G5

Mr. Cranky, alias Paul Thurrott, reviewed the iMac in about 3 minutes and 5 posts today …

One guess as to the prognosis …

Obviously, it’s crap. The display does not turn:

the display itself does not revolve. In the previous generation iMac, the most-oft-touted feature was its elegant display arm, which let the user easily move the display up, down, left, and right. What’s available on the new iMac? Up and down. Just like virtually every other display on earth. It’s a shame.

Even if you do want one, you won’t be able to get one:

Independent dealers say that the flow of new iMacs will be a ‘trickle’ when they initially become available in mid-September.

So what, it’s yesterday’s news:

The new iMac G5: Nothing to hide … including the fact that it’s derivative and boring.

Now, I’m the first to admit, I wanted something different.

But as is obvious to just about all, the new iMac is pretty cool, and you want one NOW.


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