Mobile martech: Building the mobile-first marketing tech stack

Brands and enterprises know all about marketing tech stacks. Marketing technologist Scott Brinker has assembled 5,381 logos into the current Martech landscape, and there’s even an award — the Stackies — for the best-dressed, best-looking, or most popular martech stack.

But what about mobile-first and mobile-only companies?

If you’re mobile-first, you probably don’t need huge chunks of the literally dozens of categories of martech. Channel marketing? Nope. Sales automation? No sales force to automate. E-commerce platforms? Maybe … but maybe Apple and Google handle all your payment processing. CRM? Not traditional CRM, that’s for sure. Print advertising? Uh-uh. Call analytics? Not in a million years.

But mobile-first and mobile-only companies do have very specific and utterly business-critical marketing technology needs from companies like — shameless plug — TUNE.

I asked Rovio’s former user acquisition manager, currently consultant and entrepreneur, and distinguished industry expert Eric Seufert for his take on what martech needs mobile-first companies have.

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