Messenger bots: How one brand hit 500K subscribers and 84% retention

If there’s one thing we think we know about Messenger bots, it’s that retention sucks. In other words, people leave just as fast as they come in, meaning it’s hard to build a consistent audience.

Think 4% D7 retention.

That’s four out of 100 people sticking for more than just one week.

In fact, just this past March I told Botscamp attendees that really good chatbots had 10% retention, and the very best of the best entertainment bots — think movies, music, celeb gossip — achieved a 57% user retention rate. That’s not bad … but the 4% average is scary-looking for CMOs and marketers considering bots as a form of customer engagement.

Just last week, however, I saw data from one brand’s chatbot with a stunning 83.61%  week-one retention rate, and a still-very-good 46.62% at week four.

And the bot isn’t even a very smart one.

At least, not yet.

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