Marketing Technology 2018: 350 Marketers, CEOs, And Influencers Predict The Future

What technology will change marketing the most in 2018?

73% of marketers think it’s artificial intelligence or a technology dependent on AI. 20% think it will be voice-first technologies and smart assistants. 3% think it will be email, and 1.5% think it’s the good old fashioned world wide web.

A few others?

They think it’s the stupidest question anyone could ever ask.

Over the past two weeks I asked 345 marketers, CEOs, and influencers the same question: What technology or set of technologies will impact marketing the most next year?

Influencers like Joel Comm and Tamara McCleary responded, as did uber-analysts Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Solis. Academics like Julie Albright from USC and Stephen Andriole from Villanova School of Business answered, and top executives from companies like Salesforce, SAP, Optimizely, SAS,  Segment, Dun & Bradstreet, and Microsoft also took out their crystal balls.

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