Looking to do a blog redesign

I recently re-did my blog as a hub for my online activity – home page as lifestream, blog page for my own writing, and a clipblog page for interesting things I see around the web.

The overall content is right, but the look is awful. So I’m looking for some redesign help.

I would probably do it myself – I’ve done every iteration of every blog I’ve ever done personally, including one that I rolled my own content management system – but I have literally almost no time right now. And, amazingly enough, I’m not a designer.

Here’s an overview of what I’m looking for … if you think you can help, please contact me!


  • WordPress theme (can customize an existing WordPress theme)
  • 2 column
  • Main column at least 550 px wide
  • simple and “web 2.0” looking (this covers a LOT of territory, I know)
  • blue sky and cloud background (for example, Glenn Hilton’s site looks great)
  • background stays stable, page scrolls over it

Top navigation

  • Lifestream (home page)
  • Blog (all categories)
  • Clipblog (only Clipblog category)

Note: navigation is smart … knows what page/section it’s in and highlights that part of the nav


Home page (Lifestream)

  • Lifestream … use the Lifestream WP plugin (I’ll enable all sources)
  • Sidebar on right
  • Personal info (I’ll edit) with photo
  • tag cloud
  • button links to my primary social networks
  • text link ads (I’ll enable)


  • same as home page, plus …
  • links to archives (can be drop-down, doesn’t have to show all months)
  • last 10 posts on Twitter


  • same as Blog


Want weekly updates? Of course you do …


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