Long live Joomla

Rastin Mehr emailed me this link to the Joomla logo and brand standards

Joomla is the open-source project that used to be Mambo. The company originally behind Mambo, Miro, basically tried to control the uncontrollable and seize control of the open source project that they spawned from the developers who were carrying it forward.

(Note the astroturf campaign going on at the Miro and Mambo home pages. Nice try, guys. Meet the cluetrain. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that’s rushing towards you.)

It didn’t work, and Joomla was born. And now they’ve got a very cool logo, identity, brand standards, etc.

Rastin said:

These guys didn’t spend thousands of dollars developing their guideline. Although a team of experts worked on it. And members voted the logo from the selected top 5 entries. It was just a while ago that John and I witnessed the birth of Joomla and it’s community, from Mambo.

There are currently 22 people in the core development team ( http://www.joomla.org/content/blogcategory/13/29/ ) with 7552 registered user in their community ( http://forum.joomla.org/ ). Not bad for a Month old Fork

I’m amazed, frankly, at how professional their logo, identity, and standards are. Incredible.

There are some talented people behind Joomla!


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