Live your life online: Parakey WebOS

I’m intrigued by Blake Ross’ new venture, Parakey. “We’re trying to persuade [people] to live their lives online,” he says.

Cool. So many of us do already, but if it can be better and faster and easier and more seamless and sexier: great.

The idea is something of a sharing platform, an evolved blog, that you create and maintain on your own computer and seamlessly updates to the web. Apparently you’ll have to download a small app to get started (Richard MacManus compares it to Radio Userland in this respect.) This really sounds like what Mozilla/Firefox was planning to do with XUL.

Parakey is “a Web operating system that can do everything an OS can do.” Translation: it makes it really easy to store your stuff and share it with the world. Most or all of Parakey will be open source, under a license similar to Firefox’s.”

Matthew Mullenweg clarifies, by the way, that ALL of Parakey will be open source.

Blake started the company early last year with seed money from Sequoia Capital, so this has been in the making for closing in on two years now.

My concern with calling something a WebOS and saying that it will do everything an OS can do is that it really raises expectations. I mean, can I do video editing in Parakey? Companies and people have been raising expectations with this kind of language for a few years now, only to deliver a customizable start page with stock quotes, local weather, and personalized news.

An OS is a lot bigger than that.

Parakey sounds interesting in the way it is being built to bridge the desktop and the network, online and offline. Time will tell.

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