Katie Holmes must be brainwashed

This is a little off the beaten track for my blog, but …

It appears that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are planning their wedding, and Holmes has even converted to idiocy, er, Scientology:

There are suggestions Scientology lies behind his sudden engagement to the beautiful Katie Holmes.

There’s no doubt Holmes has fallen under the spell of the church since meeting Cruise. The young former Dawson’s Creek TV star has already announced her conversion to Scientology.

She is also seldom to be seen without her Scientology minder, a shadowy 29-year-old woman called Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez, whose family is one of the church’s largest financial donors. Holmes now calls Rodriguez her best friend, even though they have known each other for only a matter of weeks.

Holmes must be brainwashed, because there’s no other way of actually believing the utter nonsense that Scientologists believe.

There’s also rumors that her family is being blocked from contacting her and returning her to sanity:

… Apparently, Katie’s indoctrination has been going on for weeks. … Sources say Holmes’ parents, who raised her as a Roman Catholic … She’s not consulting her family on any …

This is interesting, because reportedly the major reason Tom has broken up with all his previous extensive list of girlfriends, wives, and lovers is that they would NOT convert to Scientology. Perhaps he’s now focusing his attention on a much younger woman who is easier to convince, persuade, and, frankly, brainwash.

Free Katie!

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  • Less gossip about Katie Holmes being pregnant! Just because she is dressed in baggy clothes might just suggest that she desires to be comfy.