Creators, crypto, future: chatting with Joseph Jaffe on ‘Is Not Famous’

I had so much fun visiting with my good friend Joseph Jaffe. We’ve never met in person but he’s funny, interesting, informative, and insightful. And we had an amazing conversation.

Check it out here:

Joseph has a creator coin, as I do. Mine is SMRT coin, and Joseph’s is $JAFFE. He’s a good custodian of his community, and I recommend you pick some up. (I personally own 413.449548 JAFFE coins, and I’m not even kidding about those digits after the decimal.)

What we talk about:

  • the creator economy
  • insights from the future
  • reality bubbles
  • climbing pyramids in Egypt
  • breaking hands
  • earning $200K in a day
  • and, of course, much more …