Jason Fried on Collaboration

I tried to watch Jason’s presentation at Collaboration Loop tonight.

Unfortunately Collaboration Loop uses Windows Media player, and it’s driving me nuts.

  1. it keeps stopping part way
  2. the play head is not scrubbable, so I can’t restart it partway
  3. and when I try to give them some feedback, the feedback form is braindead

I’ve noticed that others are having trouble too. Fix your site and use QuickTime or Flash, Collaboration Loop!

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  • Hi John – sorry you had probs with CL’s feedback form last month. I replicated your URL in the feedback form, and got the same error – for some reason it chokes on any URL that includes a subdirectory(!). I’ll see if the feedback plugin we’re using for Mambo (the CMS the site uses) can be tweaked. Email me if you’d like me to post the video file to an FTP for you to download.