iPhoto and Flickr integration

Looking for a simple way to get your photos out of the iPhoto cage and into the big bad Flickr world?

Look no farther, FlickrExport is here.

Very cool.

My only concern about it is that as Apple updates core software like iPhoto, plugins and other little bits of software tend to whine, complain, and sometimes die a nasty, bitter death. Which is bad, but not nearly so bad as when they pull down major pieces of your software with them ….

Be that as it may, the integration is very nice, very smooth. Simply export a photo as you normally would, and there’s another tab:

flickr exporter

Add some data that Flickr expects – tags, etc. – and you’re good to go.

One thing that would be nice is an upload progress bar that means something – with big multi-megabyte photos, it can take a while, and it’d be nice to know what’s going on. The progress bar seems to jump immediately to 50%, hang, and then jump to 100%. Not very informative.

But that’s minor. This certainly way easier than exporting to your desktop, going to Flickr, and uploading the photos. And it’s a lot more elegant than the Flickr uploader.