3.9 Million Customer Records

As Slashdot just mentioned, UPS apparently ‘lost’ 3.9 million customer records that Citigroup was sending to a credit bureau.

Yeah right.

UPS loses what, less than .1% of all the packages it sends through? I couldn’t find a number online, but it has to be vanishingly small. We send hundreds of packages via UPS every month, and I’ve never heard of anything being lost, ever. And somehow this particular one ends up lost?

Suspicious. Very suspicious.

How crazy-stupid can you get anyways, sending 4 million client records via UPS? Some talking head at Citibank had this to say:

Beginning in July, this data will be sent electronically in encrypted form,” said Kessinger, who heads the company’s consumer finance business in North America.

And it took this kind of situation to give you that idea? Criminal.