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  • Hahaha… in México we’re hoping for the iPhone in early 2008. The problem, as told in the news is not distribution but which carrier.

    We have America Movil on one side (named “Telcel” in México), that belongs to the newly richest man man in the world (Carlos Slim, Mexican). This company has great coverage in Latin America (1 out of 2 latin americans is with them). Besides that, Carlos Slim is a strong Apple stockholder.

    On the other side we have the Spanish company “Movistar”, which will introduce the iPhone in Spain.

    So one has the power and the other already has the distribution in another country. I hope this doesn’t end up in a corporate fight that ultimately, makes the user wait a lot… like blueray and HD-DVD.

    So put a sombrero on that puppet and I’ll write you the script! hehehe.