iOS app store approvals: doing something right

Wow. Just submitted the latest Canpages iPhone app for local search in Canada yesterday afternoon … and was blown away by the approval speed.

From submission to review to approval: 8 minutes.

Wow, wow, wow.

The app store approval process has been an issue for a long time. Early on, a couple of years ago, some apps took weeks for approval. And if you were treading on Apple’s toes … sometimes months or longer, as backroom negotiations took place. I talked about the first issue in 09, and the second issue – forcing app makers who are in some way competitive with Apple – just recently.

But this is amazing.

Fortunately, we don’t compete with Apple. Or, we don’t compete with Apple yet, I might say. When Siri is totally localized to Canada … we might.

In any case, for now, count me impressed.


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  • Interesting, I submitted an app on October 20th, and they haven’t looked at it yet, its October 25th as I write this, so, it’s all just random I suppose.