iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork: 2 major ecosystem challenges right now

If you look around the mobile marketing ecosystem, everyone is suddenly in hurry-up offense mode getting ready for SKAdNetwork. Apple gave us all an eight-month grace period, but unfortunately … that may have given some industry players a lack of urgency.

But now that the next update of iOS is going to implement App Tracking Transparency, it’s suddenly a big deal. Most likely, the plane is landing in the next couple of weeks.

And, adding to the rush, there are now new capabilities from Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework: view-through attribution, fingerprinting, and app-to-web measurement. Which, of course, means new SDKs, new integrations, new development in some cases, and a lot of extra work.

There are two major ecosystem challenges right now, and I spent some time with Singular CTO Eran Friedman on them.

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