Infinite scroll on Windows Live search is GREAT

I saw this review of Windows Live search, which made me go out and try it myself.

Of course, it crashed my browser (Firefox). But the part I saw was good. Maybe even great.

The infinite scroll on the search is an excellent feature. It’s amazingly easy to move through search results – much better than paging through them. Google should adopt something like it, at least when they detect a browser that can handle the Ajax.

(Of course, Google might say if the results aren’t on the first page, that’s good evidence that the search engine is not doing it’s job well enough.)

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  • Hi;

    What do u think of my version of ajax-based search engine , ? Well it’s still in its very BETA stage, only images/web searches are available , more features such as news, video searches will be added in soon (about 1 week time ), searched result shows only 1st page as this is still BETA, will be rectified soon