How to get "Un-Followed" on Twitter

OK, so you’re on Twitter and you’re telling everybody the minutiae of your life. Thanks for the one about the toenail gunk, by the way.

Or, you’re a little smarter and you’re actually providing meaningful, relevant information that other professionals like you would find interesting and useful. This, actually, with just a dash of personal info, is the way to be successful on Twitter and gain legions of followers. (Whether “being successful on Twitter” is a meaningful goal in your life I leave as an exercise to the reader.)

dukeofseoBe that as it may, there’s definitely a way to be unsuccessful on Twitter and to get yourself un-followed … and that is posting too often.

The “Duke of SEO” has an unbelievable posting frequency:

  • 4 minutes ago
  • 11 minutes ago
  • 20 minutes ago
  • 27 minutes ago
  • ….

Let’s get real: there’s a ton of noise on the web. Sorting the signal from the noise is the great challenge of using the web effectively. I use Twitter to stay in touch with people that matter to me. People like Phil Gerbyshak, Matthew Ingram, Tara Hunt, and many more. Some I know personally; some I don’t. But they all do interesting things and talk about them in interesting ways.

When someone posts as often Duke of SEO, it’s like a neighbor has his 5000-watt stereo turned to Devastatingly, Unmeasurably Loud. No one else can speak. No one else can communicate. Even when the 5000-watt stereo has good things to say … sometimes you want to listen to other voices.

Duke: consider yourself un-followed.

. . .
. . .


Wondering who I am on Twitter? Wonder no longer.

Oh, and I just got followed by DotComBum, who apparently tweets about every other minute. Thanks, but … no thanks.


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  • True that! as the kids say. I’m twittering yet as we speak, and I like it, but I have already un-followed (dis-followed?) some who just cannot SHUT UP! Plus they always seem to be selling something.
    What’s your handle? (that’s a CB term, showing my age) I’ll follow you.

  • I follow a couple of ‘systems’, though. One of which is a social network where the activity feed is pushed via Twitterfeed. I really like following the network that way!

    I think it’s all in your expectations.

  • John – I am with you! I like “people” not posting machines. I try to only post things that are interesting to me…which I hope is interesting to those following me.

    I do have one Twitter ID set up that gets all the feeds from my blog writings so folks can catch me that way (@philgerbyshak) and I clearly say that in my profile (at least I try to).

    Great conversation topic!

  • While I see where you’re coming from, I’d have to disagree and say it’s both subjective to follow/follower count and being part of an open discussion.

    If you have thousands of followers, one tweet every few minutes is probably equivalent to one every hour to under 100 follow/followers.

    As long as the tweet isn’t self-serving spam, who’s to say that there is a right and wrong amount of tweets per person?

    Twitter is still, at its heart, a conversation tool after all.

  • I too hate chronic tweeters. There’s nothing worse than looking through the last 2 pages on twitter and getting all one person, except for 3 posts by other people. NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RT EVERY SINGLE THING you get! I always wonder how these people have time to read all these posts in between their 3 minutes until next post.

  • Good point! I my own words: My timeline is like a living room. I love to see many different avatares speaking about many different points. And I don’t like just one avatar filling my living room with ‘New post at…’ the whole time.