How 1 Company Went From Zero To 22M Users With $0 In Venture Capital

How do you start a company and run it to tens of millions of users without accepting venture capital?

The answer, for Powtoon, is viral growth. 

The tough three in growing a company are product-market fit, scalability, and growth, but often growth is the one that consumes the most cash. And after achieving product-marketing fit and building a scalable model, gobs of spare cash are just what most founders don’t have if they haven’t accepted VC. 

Powtoon is a web-based video creation platform that just signed deals with YouTube, Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce. In addition, it’s launching a new enterprise solution to capitalize on the fact that its customer base includes marketers at brands like Virgin, Metlife, Unilever, and Verizon. 25 million people have created short promo videos with the platform, according to its founder and CEO, Ilya¬†Spitalnik.

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