Green light go: starting a start-up

OK. Here we go again.

I’ve just started a new project. Some details will come out over the next month or so as it goes public.

It’ll be basically an independent start-up business. I’ll be doing it with some minimal help, but essentially by myself. And here are my guiding principles.

(Subject to change, of course, like extreme unbelievable immediate success, job offers to blog about ice hockey for 6 figures annually from La Jolla, California, and the other usual stuff, like … umm … changing my mind.)

  1. funded on my expense account (i.e., no expenses that don’t fit on a credit card)
  2. conducted publicly: as soon as a few more details are set I’ll be blogging the journey
  3. products will be cool or they will die
  4. client/customers/market will be partners or they won’t be clients/customers/market (in other words: we will not sell, we will listen … and we will suggest)
  5. products will be social or they will die
  6. marketing will not be marketing (it will be what Tara Hunt calls common space un-marketing)
  7. it will be web 2ish (that means something, just don’t ask me exactly what)
  8. I’ll make mistakes; people will tell me; I will change
  9. I’ll make it up as I go along

Oh, and one more thing. At various points, I will be as scared as baby gazelle on a National Geographic lion documentary … but I will keep on keeping on. So help me God.