Googling predators in airplanes

I’ve had the most amazing neighbors on flights lately …

Last week it was a Google engineer who heads up the ?SRE? unit for Gmail. He works in Zurich, and his team’s focus is provisioning servers and other resources for the growing user base. Interesting phrase of the discussion: “up and the the right,” which is what Googlers say when they talk about increasing resources being required for services.

Today it was a chief research scientist who is a cofounder of a start-up that works on video processing technologies for Predator UAVs, among other things. They’ve grown from 8 to over 100 in about 14 months, and he had fascinating stories to tell about goverment and defense contracts. (He was a triple-booter: Mac, Linux, and Windows, and carried two laptops and an jailbroken iPhone.)

I hope I’m so fortunate in my seat selection on the way back!


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