Google: selling scams?

Is Google allowing scammers to market themselves via Google AdWords? It seems unbelievable, but when I was searching for “paypal scam” while researching a recent story, some very odd results popped up.

Right there, in the sponsored link ads:

Work at home scams
Revealed! Learn which programs
Really work. Minimal start-up fee.

Unbelievable. But here is photographic evidence … or at least screen-shot evidence:

They don’t show up when you just search for “Paypal.” Nor did they show up when I just searched for “scam.” Someone obviously wants their ads to appear only when a Google visitor is searching for both paypal and scam.

That someone apparently includes Derek Hart, a 24-year-old “retiree.” He’s selling a multiple income stream that involves “NO Cold Calling, NO Selling, NO Talking to Family & Friends, NO Answering questions, NO Speaking to prospects, and absolutely NO telephone calls.”

I don’t know if it’s really a Paypal scam or not – but my guess is that it is some kind of scam.

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