Going to Columbus

I’m in Columbus, Ohio for the National PTA convention …

Funny how the Northwest airlines logo, with the stylized NWA, reminds me of the old rap group. I’m sure they’d be amused to see their initials flying all over the skies:

nwa northwest airlines

I saw these lights by the exit sign in the airplane that I don’t think I’ve seen before … I’m not sure if they’ve been there all along or if they’re some kind of hijack warning system. Fortunately, they stayed green the whole flight.

Once we touched down in Columbus, I wandered the downtown for a while, snapping the odd picture. Columbus looks like a great place to live – in the spring, summer, and fall. Not too sure about the winters.

Local flavour:

The Key Bank (notice the red key at the top of the building):

I managed to get this pic of the Ohio capitol building, finished in 1853:

ohio state capitol building

More on the trip and convention later …