Gmail, Gmail, I love Gmail

It’s free – that’s good. Lots of space – also good. And its spam-filtering is second to none. Very good.

But, really, please, couldn’t they hire one cheap just-out-of-college usability professional?

Imagine only using Gmail once a week or so, and then mostly for checking, not sending. Where is the Reply button?

Not as big as it should be, that’s for sure.

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  • And I thought I was the only one! I like my gmail as well, but there’s something oddly counterintuitive about some of the navigation. Thanks for your post today. Please forward it and all the comments to google. Who knows, maybe you can get this addressed.

  • That is true. But you can also just click the white box underneath the reply button and it “replies” just as it would if you clicked the reply button itself. 😀

    But still, they should improve the looks and usability in that area to make it more obvious.