Get Free Movies at the Hilton

Flipping through the channels at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando, I came acoss this interesting screen that would warm the hearts of any Microsoft-hating Linux fanatic worth his salt:

Oddly enough, ‘mtiltree’ does not turn up any Google results at all, but it’s obviously an info screen for the movies-on-demand system they’re running, and it was just as obviously not working quite properly. One usually does not want to show one’s underwear in public – it messes up the carefully cultivated grey poupon image.

In any case, the incorrectly configured system was giving away free movies. I couldn’t choose movies, but if someone else was watching (and, presumably, had paid for) a movie, I could watch too.

So, I watched most of Sean of the Dead. I had already seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and frankly wasn’t too interested in seeing it again. There was some Harry Potter movie on which bored me to tears after 20 minutes, so I called my mom and sobbed on the phone for a while (not really), and I also got to see a good bit of Troy.

Not bad – but if you work for Hilton, you might want to let them know.