French Accent Marks to HTML Converter

I have to write and express my appreciation for the Textile app put up by Dean Allen at Textism.

I had to do some work on our Quebec, I mean Québec website, and all my text for the site came from our Montreal, I mean Montréal office. Now, whether it comes in Word (as I’ve had it) or in notes in a PDF file (as happened to be the case this time) those pesky little accent aigues and accent graves are painful to have to search through and replace with HTML entities or UTF-8 or Unicode gobbledygook. Not to mention the circonflexes and cédilles.

While casting about fruitlessly in BBedit for some way to save myself many tears and not a few drops of blood, I turned to my forever friend, Google.

A few quick searches, and I was happily converting accented text to HTML with Textile, an app that does more than it says.

Tres, I mean trés cool, and much appreciated. I shall have to make use of that Paypal icon next to the text input box.