Flickr is crack cocaine

Yup. I went and got a Pro account at Flickr.

Part of it is Rastin Mehr’s fault. He’s a colleaugue and a friend who is a great photographer and recently moved his image management to Flickr. He’s been raving about it to me recently.

And part of it is Flickr’s fault. Giving out the free account and then limiting uploads to 20 MB a month is a well-known marketing strategy: the first hit is always free.

Managing and organizing photos on Flick is fun. And easy. Crazy easy – as in pain-free.

This is the ridiculous part: it’s easier than iPhoto. I use iPhoto more days than not, and it’s great for storing all our images. But it’s simply not built for easy tagging and categorization of photos. Flickr is. How a web app can be easier and quicker and simpler to use than a desktop app is astounding.

(I guess it has something to do with this web 2.0 meme going around.)

The final reason for delving into Flickr is that it has some relevance to a project that I may be taking on for a rival photo-sharing service. I want to know what the “competition” is up to in detail, and the only way to do that is to join. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, huh?

I liked Flickr as a casual user. As a Pro member, I’m loving it.


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  • Flickr is Awesome! More I like about it is that I can incorporate it with other customized web applications, and also being able to interact with people who view my images.