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I’ve been wondering lately if the shows that Scoble is putting on will be available on AppleTV.

See, here’s my problem: I’m interesting in the shows that Scoble (and presumably other) will be doing. They’re with fascinating people doing interesting things. All great and good.

But the times when I’m browsing are NOT times when I’ll kick back and watch a 15, 20, or 30 minute show.

I’m usually browsing to take a quick break – it’s lunch, I want to know what’s going on, and I surf my favorite blogs and PopURLs for a couple of minutes. But my break is short – I’m not going to put my feet up and just watch something.

So the only other alternative is to let the video run while I’m working. Sorry, that’s a non-starter. I need to focus and be intent on what I’m doing, and I can’t have a running distraction like a podcast or a video.

So …

I need to be available in my evening downtime, when I might look for something to watch on TV. Most shows on regular TV are a waste of time, but there are a lot of great podcasts – and I’m thinking shows would be among them – that I’d like to surf and watch.

But that would mean that would need to put its shows on either YouTube or the iTunes directory.

So … the question is … will they?

I see on Robert’s latest post that will be available via iTunes. See #4 of what they’re working on … “RSS Feeds that work with iTunes. That’s the first thing to fix after the developers get some sleep (they were up most of Sunday night working on this).”


Want weekly updates? Of course you do …



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