Family Matters Calendar

OK, massive plug here for our first product, the Family Matters Calendar.

I’m starting up the Home & Family division for my company, Premier (US, Canada), and our first product is a custom photo calendar.

Bigger and better, IMHO
It’s bigger than most competitors’ calendars, at 11″ x 17″ opened. It has your photos, of course, since it is (after all) a personalized calendar. But it also allows you to enter your own events … again, something else most competitors don’t allow.

Best of all, though, the finished product looks professional, not like something you did on your home printer and bound with some cheap plastic coiling, a la Shutterfly and Snapfish, and virtually EVERY other calendar company out there.

Really, really, really sweet GUI
One more thing: I’ve been through all the sites (OK, many of them!) that allow you to build custom calendars. And I think ours is the easiest, by far, to use. We did a usability test, and used the results extensively. And we’ve beta-tested with hundreds of people.

We use cool tech like Ajax selectively, to make the app feel responsive. And the user interface is extremely, extremely intuitive (see screenshot at the end of the article).

Supporting schools
The price point is good: $20 in the US, $25 in Canada, and most importantly, $5 of that goes straight to a school of your choice. Find a competitor that does that!

Blog it, and get one free
Blog the calendar, and I’ll send you a coupon code for a free one (I’ll have to limit this to the first 50).

(Thanks, Rastin, Alan, Jennifer, and I hope others!)

Here’s a screenpic of the calendar creation website: (US, Canada)

premier family matters calendar website pic

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