Cururu what?!? Has Technorati gone nuts?

technorati-popular.pngEither that or someone is gaming the system.

I just took this screenshot of Technorati’s popular blogs page. Somehow this blog I’ve never heard of has rocketed to the top.

And not just to the top, but to more than 5 times the number of links of the erswhile reigning heavyweight champion, Engadget.

The blog is a Japanese site, Cururu, and Technorati says that 187,670 blogs link there.

One of two three things is correct:

  1. Either Technorati’s ratings or methodology has been so lousy that it somehow didn’t noticed an amazingly popular blog for months and months and months as it rose to almost 200,000 inbound links, or …
  2. Someone is really, really, really gaming the system but good, or …
  3. Technorati’s algorithm has just gone completely farking mad

Come to think of it, I can’t really say which I think is more likely. That might be a sad commentary on Technorati’s technical prowess – or my cynical nature.

You decide.

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Cururu appears to be some kind of social bookmarking site … at least as far as I can tell from this very Chinglish-y translation. The site is copyrighted by a company called NHN Japan, which seems un-bloggish. Seems to be a company that builds web communities, actually.

Perhaps (double, triple perhaps) they submitted their non-blog site as a blog. Ditto the perhaps’s but it may really have approximately 50 million inbound links.

Further elucidation, anyone?

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