Drupal versus WordPress: not a contest

I’m looking for a way to manage several blogs at once, so I’ve been investigating Drupal just a little.

I wouldn’t need to manage the blogs within Drupal, although that could be done, but I would like to aggregate their posts on one page, which would then become my home online.

Since my web host has a control panel thingamabob that can automatically install about a million different content management systems, stores, scripts, you name it, at the touch of a button, checking out Drupal was easy.

I only have first impressions to report, but I have to say my first impressions are not very impressive.

Drupal is light-years behind WordPress in terms of site administration and management.

Maybe the problem is that WordPress is just too easy, but I find Drupal disorganized, piecemeal, and confusing. By contrast, WordPress is clear, direct, and vastly more elegant:


My perception is that Drupal is powerful, and can do many things, but the reality I encountered is that even changing elements on a theme is 2 or 3 times harder than in WordPress. Understanding which modules are activated, and when their permissions are correct, and ensuring they show in a particular place on a particular page is a challenge.

I’m glad for the brief glimpse, but unless I see or hear something fairly different fairly quickly, Drupal will not be in my future web plans.


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  • The least known uuber CMS/Blog platform / Superserver is the OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server -and I believe that OpenLink is creating a free on-line hosted version, called ODS, with semantic search features and digital identity and credentialing functions.

    isn’t that your rant, lately?