Don’t Steal My Content!

Googling for your blog name can be very interesting.

It turns up all kinds of wacky things … like this verbatim copy of one of my postings on Silicon Investor.

Months ago, I put together a series of article on Mac market share: the Mac Market Share Myth, the Mac Market Share Reality, and the Mac Market Share Solution. (It’s worth noting that the Mac Mini addresses many of the solutions proposed in the last article).

But the wierdness is that at least one of these articles is showing up verbatim on this Silicon Investor website.

I don’t mind people quoting and linking – quite the reverse. Even quoting small sections, with attribution but no link, is acceptable (although I want the link!). But grabbing the whole article and tossing it on a site is ridiculous. It looks like some poster just tossed it onto a forum, but still.

Not cool.

Even less cool is the fact that to protest it, I’d have to be a member of the site (see reporting TOU violations or requesting message deletions).