DilbertFiles.com … not just a comic strip

OK, this is seriously funny. The latest Dilbert strips have been focused on Dilbert’s second job: DilbertFiles.


Funny, good, enjoyable … but just a comic. Or not?

Wondering a little – because I’ve read Scott Adams‘ books and know how smart he is in spite of his constant and nearly-successful attempts to hide it – I decided to check out dilbertfiles.com.

Lo and behold … there’s an actual website there:


And an actual business, to all intents and purposes. Now, because Scott Adams is congenitally disinclined to anything approaching actual work, he must have simply struck a deal with a file transfer company to re-brand their solution for him. As if the guy doesn’t have enough money already.

Life imitating art, huh? Actually, in more ways than you might notice.

As completely appropriate for our favorite corporate drone, DilbertFiles’ uploader software only supports Windows!

It’s the cherry on the cake, obviously.


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