Digital SLR with live LCD viewer: Olympus Evolt 330

So it wasn’t a stupid question after all.

So many of us have wanted to go with a digital SLR camera for better quality on fast-action shots, but hated to give up the live LCD preview that we’ve gotten used to.

Now we won’t have to ask why digital SLRs can’t do that anymore. Because they can.

Well, at least one can: the Olympus Evolt 330. This is very, very cool.

It’s not cheap – with a decent lense it’ll run a little north of $1000 … but this will force all the other digital SLR manufacturers to do some quick thinking. And prices will come down a bit.

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  • Pretty cool! Though I gotta say that after getting used to an optical viewfinder there’s no way I’d want to go back to using LCD. Perhaps for the odd shot taken low to the ground it would come in handy, but I don’t think it’d be beneficial enough that I’d let it influence my buying decisions much.

    “The viewfinder view is very small compared to other ’35 mm based’ digital SLR’s, it’s also slightly darker than the E-300 because of the semi-reflective mirror used to produce the Mode A live view.”

    If I were you, I’d give myself a chance to get used to a good optical viewfinder before making a decision.

  • Interesting, Dave!

    I’m almost shocked that you’re using the optical viewfinder. I had to use that, of course, when we only had a film SLR, but I’m an LCD convert now.

    I’d have to chat with you in person and play with your camera and our ‘old’ SLR to really understand what you’re saying and why.

  • I was wandering if it is difficult to manually focus a 35mm digital while looking at the LCD.Im used to the auto focus.