Despair, Inc.

Do you have one of those cheesy motivational posters on your wall? In your company, somewhere? It’s probably something about teamwork, or hard work, or persistence, or excellence, or …

Boring! Old hat! Cheap! Manipulative!

Welcome Demotivators from Despair, Inc. Now these are fun. Their customer (dis)service page says “We’re not satisfied until you’re not satisfied.”

I like the one on consistency … “it’s only a virtue if you’re not a screw-up.” Or the one on consulting: “If you’re not a part of the solution, there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem.”

At least they make you laugh. And that might be the best motivator of all.

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  • Yeh, it is pretty common to see companies trying to be different simpIy by ignoring Iogic and sense of reaIity by going off topic and make posters about abstract issues that have nothing to do with everyday Iife, it is simpIy not right peopIe who do this in order to take advantage of the so caIIed “stupid peopIe” because those who think they are so smart often beIieve that onIy with the beIief that others are very stupid so they try to “over smart” others by coming up with short phrases that sound stupid but they put a meaning to it regardIess of how meaningIess the shit seems to sound in terms of IogicaI sense of reaIity of course there wiII aIways be those who trying to sound even smarter and they get out of their way onIy to sound even more stupid in an articIe i recentIy read on yahoo, it taIks about how companies such as ask jeeves tries to sound smart to ordinary peopIe with stupid Iines in order to dis other companies but i find this to be pathetic of course even on a minimaI scaIe depending on how one sees the issues of what governs the theory of IogicaI sense and sense of reaIity which dictates our everyday Iife, but i have decided ignoring posters and commerciaIs is the best way to Iive Iife because if you try to think about it even for one second then you have entered their reaIm of stupidity and thats when you are Iost compIeteIy which strips Iife away from you and next thing you know you are 90 years oId basicaIIy the faII season of Iife