Dan Zadra on potential

I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple hours on the phone with Dan Zadra, chairman of Compendium, Inc., on a possible new project that we’re working on.

The initial face-to-face was with Tote Yamada, VP Sales, and Kobi Yamada, the CEO. Everything looked promising, so we followed up with Dan, who’s sort of the resident guru of Compendium. And we had a great one hour teleconference that stretched into two.

After talking with Dan, Tote sent me some of his books. (Dan has written over a hundred books.) This is the dedication in the first one I opened:

I have come to realize that we humans are equipped with a peculiar kind of telescopic vision. Looking out we can clearly see mountains of potential in everyone else around us. Looking, in however, we usually see our own potential by peering through the wrong end of the telescope.

What we see in ourselves is what we’ll get.

This I learned in depth from Bob Moawad and his staff at the EDGE learning institute in Tacoma, WA. More than a million people – young and old, from all walks of life – have attended EDGE programs nationwide over the past decade. I feel fortunate to be one of those people. Thank you Bob, for showing me how to turn the telescope around. What a view.


(The book, by the way, is The Secret of the Slight Edge. And thanks to Peter Field of Agile Media for the introduction.)

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