Cool stuff at FETC

Whenever I see something cool at FETC, I snap a picture of it. Here’s four products that I was impressed with, for varying reasons ….

Broadband over barbed wire: wow! Apparently, over good wire, this tech will give you gigabit Ethernet for 200 metres … over twice as far as the usual limit.

Grokker (you can’t see the left-hand pane of the software) is a recent entry in the organize data from the internet category. Look cool, and it runs on Mac OS X. The woman at the booth even knew the author who invented the term “grok” (Heinlein), but I forgot to check if she knew which book it’s in (Stranger in a Strange Land).

From the I-want-one-category, this little USB microscope, at about $200, gives you startling images on your computer screen. VERY cool.